Key Takeaways

Wonolo Survey: The Voices of the Gig Economy

Attracting Workers
Insight into Earnings
Who is Using Wonolo?
Grace Abbot

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With labor shortages still in full effect, it is important to understand what attracts workers to different jobs. We often assume it is higher pay and greater flexibility. So we just asked! Check out what our Wonolo workers said is driving them to look for new jobs and/or additional opportunities in this infographic. You might be surprised by the results. 

We all know earnings are important to workers across the country, but do you ever wonder how deep the need for wages goes? A lot of workers are just trying to make ends meet! As part of this survey, we wanted to better understand the level of impact earnings had on our workers' everyday lives. In this infographic, we highlight what they had to say about their current financial situations and what drives the importance of their earnings ...

The gig economy continues to grow across the country offering workers flexibility and balance. Since the workforce has gone through significant change over the last two years, we wanted to better understand who our workers were and why they chose to use Wonolo to find their jobs. Check out our highlights in this infographic

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About Wonolo

Wonolo is an online platform that connects workers – or “Wonoloers” – to retail, e-commerce, distribution, fulfillment, and other types of blue-collar, frontline jobs across the U.S. Founded in 2014, Wonolo now serves over 300,000 gig workers, providing them access to job opportunities across the nation at companies like Coca-Cola, UNIQLO, Papa John’s, and thousands more. These “Work Now Locally” opportunities vary widely, from customer service, delivery, and event staffing to food production, warehousing, and manufacturing. At Wonolo, we are Making Work, Work.