How will the 2020 Holiday Season be Impacted by COVID-19?

Our team at Wonolo asked business leaders what’s on their minds as we approach the 2020 holiday season. Will coronavirus impact the eCommerce industry? What are they expecting for the holiday season retail forecast? In general, we found:

  • 68% of business leaders say that COVID-19 has negatively impacted their businesses
  • 62% of business leaders say they expect to do less business this holiday season
  • Demand is the biggest concern for the holiday season
We want to help businesses navigate these difficult times. Our second annual Wonolo Holiday Season Job Forecast takes a deep dive into data around seasonal planning, regional trends, and best practices for recovery.

Topics Covered

Why this year is different and COVID-19's impact on the holiday shopping season

How other businesses are preparing for the 2020 holiday season

The hottest jobs and industries for the upcoming season

Live market trends and analysis throughout the Q4 holiday season

Holiday Trends

Live Weekly Metrics

What's your biggest concern of the holiday season?
Biggest Concern of Holiday Season
What measures are you taking to keep workers safe?
Safety Measures
What's your primary consideration for holiday hiring?
Labor Shortage Concerns
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Demand remains the biggest concern for the upcoming holiday season amongst businesses that have seen both positive and negative impacts from the pandemic. For those who were positively affected by COVID, Demand still ranks as the primary concern for the upcoming holiday season at 33%, with Preparation + Planning (16%), Spending/Budgets (16%) no outstanding concerns (16%) coming in as second.

Demand (32%) & Revenue Forecasting (32%) were ranked as the primary concern for businesses that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Close behind were Spending/Budgets (18%) and Worker Volume (9%).

Businesses are taking a wide variety of safety measures to ensure the health of their workforce during busier holiday season months. The top three safety actions businesses are taking are Providing PPE to Workers (73% of businesses), Minimizing Office / Facility Occupancy (65% of businesses), and Conducting Temperature Checks (57% of businesses). 

One call that only a select few businesses are making is Hiring Safety Associates (6%). Safety Associates are usually temporary workers hired to conduct temperature checks, execute health questionnaires, and enforce social distancing protocols throughout the facility. This is an untapped opportunity for businesses to further increase the sense of health and safety for their workers and set themselves apart from their competitors during times of peak demand.

For businesses that are both positively and negatively impacted by the coronavirus, nearly 67% do not expect a labor shortage. Even those businesses that were seeing a generally positive effect on their demand due to COVID-19, the majority (64%) are still are not anticipating a labor shortage. 

With unemployment numbers skyrocketing, many businesses are no doubt assuming that hourly workers will be in high supply. Although that is a fair conclusion to make, increased demand for Retail & eCommerce companies over the next three months should be considered. Especially if jobs require a specialized skillset.

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