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This page is based on an analysis of about 40,000 individual shifts, representing hundreds of thousands of hours worked, posted on the Wonolo platform for blue-collar gig workers since the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services labeled COVID-19 a public health emergency on January 31.

Workers performed these shifts for essential businesses across the country. Wonolo has taken a range of steps to help workers stay safe, including offering paid Flex Time Off, offering financial assistance to anyone asked to self-isolate by a public health agency, and encouraging businesses to pay workers more. Read more here.

We define essential businesses using guidance released by the federal government to include General Labor, Merchandising, Fulfillment/Warehousing, Delivery, Manufacturing/Production, Food Production, and Washing & Cleaning.

In the coming weeks, we’ll update this data and try to answer additional questions, such as:

  • Are essential businesses continuing to expect growth in the future? (Businesses post openings on our platform sometimes weeks in advance.)
  • Is the rise in unemployment driving people to pick up gig work?

This data was updated on 4/23/2020. View Previous Version of this Report 

Wonoloer Pay Increases Amid COVID-19

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Workers on Wonolo platform working at essential businesses are earning 29.3% more amid COVID-19

Workers are earning 29.3% more during this pandemic mostly because they're working more hours, despite the economy coming to a halt.

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